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"...we were blown away by the place! It's been two days since our return home, but the cabin is so vivid in my mind. We had in our group two musicians, a videographer/flyfisherman, a Russian poet/artist, and a professor/therapist. The latter two live in Portland, and my husband, daughter and I live in SW Michigan. We have a little cabin on a large bay off Lake Michigan--we love bays. (Another favorite spot in the world is Galway Bay, in the west of Ireland.) So naturally we were enchanted to discover Netarts Bay. Had no idea there would be sandy beaches walkable for miles! And we did walk, and swam, and relished the beauty of the tidal movements. After checking out on Monday, we walked far out on the spit in order to get a view of the bay from the other side. (That was a challenging walk!)

The cabin itself was a dream. Wish I had had a week to enjoy the great collection of books!! You even have the Moosewood Cookbook! And Granta! Our daughter did find lots of huckleberries, just beginning to ripen. We also went to a U-Pick place west of Portland and she got jostaberries, blackberries, raspberries for a cobbler. We enjoyed the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Went to Roseanna's twice: it's PERFECT. Appreciated the nearness of The Schooner. It helped that the weather was absolutely wonderful Friday-Monday. I expected rain and fog--but no, lots of sunshine and refreshing breezes.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled on your website. Thanks for making it so accessible. I will say that as long as you are renting your cabin, we will make it a goal to return as often as we can manage it. I know my Portland sister will want to share it with other members of our family. There was that immediate sense of belonging there. What a brilliant idea, to add the belvedere and top deck. We tried to imagine how old the original cabin might have been, and to picture it.

I hope the manager found the cabin in good shape after we left. I could continue rhapsodizing...."


"...Even though we have not met you, we felt that we really got to know you by staying at your cabin.
We could really see the love and care you have put into each detail, each area of your place..."

"...Your hard work and dedication to your dream cabin really shows! We felt honored to be able to showcase that so that others can truly appreciate the beauty that lives on Pearl Street!...the weather was wet, then dry, then wet again, as squalls moved through...but that beautiful Jotul woodstove with its warm cast iron and glass door, and some dry red wine kept us cozy and dry - thanks you! "

"...this place is amazing...the outdoor shower rocks...we begin and end every day reading up in the Belvedere - an incredible space up there...once again, laura and bill, many thanks for sharing this place with us!"

"laura and bill, words can hardly describe...the house is wonderful and the Belvedere sublime...we fished the Nestucca and brought home a 20 lb. "chromer" [salmon]'s to the Pacific Northwest and Netarts!..."

"...what a wonderful place - seeing is believing! thank you again, willy and laura, for introducing us to this gorgeous and peaceful part of the oregon coast..."

"so sad to leave this wonderful, magical paradise...we thank you again willy and laura, we are already looking forward to next year. the sunsets...words cannot describe"

"...we sent the kids out to pick the abundant wild huckleberries - just like you said, they were everywhere once you learned to recognize them...then we were in hucklebeyy pancakes, cobler, pie and fruit salads for the rest of our stay! we cannot thank you enough for sharing this magical place with us..."

"...thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful "cabin." We had a wonderful time..."

"...We would definitely be interested in renting it out maybe later this summer or fall and I already have a couple of people interested in renting it as well..."

"...Thank You, Thank You!"

"...We can't wait to come back when we have more time. We loved the place and had a great weekend. The
boys and I want to go crabbing again. Thanks again for opening up your home so others can enjoy it and the beauty of the coast!!!"

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