Frequently Asked Questions

bootsWhat should I bring?
It is always a good idea to have layers of clothing and rain gear. Weather can and does often change quickly. Oregonians tend to live by the adage that “...there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing...” If you have a favorite KITE, the beach is an ideal place to fly it. If not, you may be lucky enough to find one in our garage.

What is provided?
The cabin is is nicely furnished in a rustic feel. It has a full kitchen with stove and fridge. Flatware and dishes as well as all you’ll need to cook are provided. Sheets, blankets and bath towels are provided. There is a gas grill & patio furniture on the back deck. There is a Jotul wood-burning stove and some wood.

Can I go crabbing or boating on Netarts Bay?
Yes, you can. The fall and winter months are best but crab are taken in the summer as well. You can rent a small motor boat and all the gear you will need at Bay Shore Marina and RV Park, a friendly place just up the road. Be sure to observe their safety precautions and marine regulations. Another great place to rent a small boat and crabbing gear is the Big Spruce RV Park. It's a little less convenient but also less expensive. They don't seem to have a website, but you can call them at (503) 842-7443.

Can I get clams or mussels?
Yes, when there are appropriate tides, usually a good minus tide is required. A license and some skill is needed.

What about fishing?
The Oregon coast is known for some of the best fishing around. Salmon and Sturgeon are particularly popular. We recommend you check with a local guide such as Tom Jones well in advance to book the trip you want at the right time. Mid-october tends to be just right if you’re looking for a large fall chinook salmon and June is ideal for sturgeon in the mouth of the Columbia River.

And fish hatcheries?

Yes, there's a fun one about a mile from the cabin. It's called the Whiskey Creek Hatchery and it's helped along ably by the volunteers from the Tillamook Anglers Club. They have bubble gum machines that dispense pellets to feed the fish instead of bubble gum. This tends to delight both the kids and the fish...and the quarters help the hatchery.

What about telephone and internet?

There is a telephone at the cabin (503-815-9696). You are welcome to make any local or domestic long-distance calls at no additional charge (guests are expected to pay for any international calls).

Cell phone service varies by carrier but can usually be obtained inside or just outside the cabin. There is a high-speed wireless (and wired) network at the cabin that guests are welcome to use. iPod docks are available and guests who use iTunes can stream music to the stereo through an AirPort Express.

What are your favorite hikes (also see the “To Do” page?
Well, that is a difficult question as there are so many. If time is limited, we recommend:
1. Walk on the beach (north) about 2 miles for dinner at Roseanna’s Cafe in Oceanside. Explore Oceanside a bit (you might even seek out Lost Boy Cave at a good low tide) and then either walk back on the beach or have someone drive so you all can drive back.
2. Hike out to the tip of Cape Lookout and back (about 3+hours). The views of the forest and the ocean are unforgettable. In season, you may see whales from there.
3. From the beach at Cape Lookout State Park, hike along the beach the length of the Netarts Bay Sand Spit - this very special narrow finger of sand separates the Bay from the Ocean. The hike is 4-5 miles each way. If someone in your party is renting a boat at the time of your hike, you can hike one way (south to north), meet them on the spit, and be ferried back to the marina.
There are so many Splendid hikes near our cabin, please do not be confined by these few family favorites - have a look at Oregon Hiking for more ideas & detail.
Between the Capes Trail Guide can help you navigate and appreciate your way among the Three Capes.

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