Netarts Bay Estuary

History of the Watershed
Netarts Bay is a very special place to many and we are committed to maintaining what our family and countless others before us have found there. The Netarts Bay watershed covers 14 square miles and whatever happens to that watershed affects the Bay and the ocean beyond. The Netarts Community Council has educational materials to assist you in understanding the watershed and its natural history. Council member Bill Hawkins has written a General History of Netarts that helps to put things in perspective.

Netarts Bay Aerial


In the 1960s, Oregon had a license plate, now vintage, that proclaimed "Pacific Wonderland":


This resonated with many of those who spent time in Oregon; many of us missed the look, the classic design and the upbeat tone of this slogan. But now it's back - embodied in this very high-quality cotton twill cap from Legacy Sportswear -  larger photo.

We are offering it to anyone interested - as a keep-sake from of their visit to Oregon, or just as a way to express their appreciation of this remarkable state.

Please note: A portion of the proceeds from sale of this cap goes to support the Netarts Bay watershed

Twice Yearly Oregon Beach Clean-up
By Oregon law, the beach itself cannot be privately owned. This, together with the positive attitudes of many concerned Oregonians, produced the first-of-its-kind volunteer-operated beach clean-up in 1984 on the Oregon coast. Since then, annual beach cleanups have spread to every state in the Union, all US territories and more than 100 countries around the world. If you are staying at the Cabin during a clean-up, we encourage you to consider participating. At the beach clean-up on March 25, 2006, 5,245 volunteers cleaned all of Oregon’s 362 miles of coastline removing an estimated 46.5 tons of debris! The beach clean-up is sponsored by the Organization “SOLV” - Stopping Oregon Litter and Vandalism. For more information on SOLV’s activities local to Netarts, please visit the SOLV site - look around and get involved!


“Watershed, Estuary, Bay and Sea” (WEBS)
This was the environmental vision of local environmentalist and philanthropist Jim Mundell. Jim was known to all with an interest in the health of Oregon’s costal wetlands - he advanced the vision of environmental stewardship and sustainability through education. While Jim died in 2006, well before his time, from complications of cancer, the WEBS vision for “...[an] education efforts by WEBS, by the 2012, the Netarts Watershed will be recognized throughout the Pacific Northwest as a unique, pristine, and treasured ecosystem...” lives on through the organization he helped to found. In this educational tradition, WEBS has produces a wonderful walking guide to the Netarts area - “Between the Capes Trail Guide”. The “Netarts Bay Today” website is also a WEBS project.

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